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Pool Rules

  • The Pool Manger, Assistant Pool Manager, and lifeguards have COMPLETE authority to enforce all Club Rules as outlined, posted, and otherwise, verbally communicated. Any concerns should be directed to the Pool Manager, Assistant Pool Manager, or director of Pool Operations (Karen Hensley Members should not approach individual lifeguards or Douglas Aquatics, unless its an emergency.

  • No one shall enter the pool area unless it is officially open, and lifeguards are on duty. 

  • Children who are 12 and older (members and guests of members) may enter the pool without an adult.

  • Non-swimming children who cannot stand alone in the shallow end of the pool, and who are wearing personal flotation devices, must be within an arm's length of an adult at all times. The guards will also need to be able to see the child's face, please make sure hats or bonnets aren't blocking your childs face. The lifeguard will let you know if the hat is blocking their view and needs to be adjusted.

  • All children who wear diapers must wear disposable swimming diapers while swimming in any pool (main pool, or baby pool)

  • Small, soft toys without sharp edges and soft balls are permitted in each of the pools at the discretion of the lifeguards.

  • No rafts or inner tubes are permitted.

  • No head first diving is allowed from the pool edges.

  • Safety breaks will be held for 15 minutes at each hour. Children under the age of 18 are not allowed in the pool, nor are they allowed to sit on the edge of the pool during safety breaks. The only exception being infants less than 12 months old, who are being held by an adult.

  • When there is an adult in the swim lane, no children are permitted in the lane.

  • No eating or drinking is permitted while in the water.

  • No glass of any kind is permitted in the pool area. This includes bottles, dishes, plates, serving dishes etc…

  • Music is permitted as long as they do not infringe on the privacy of others.


Diving Well and Board Rules

  • Children who cannot swim at least two full lengths of the main pool using an approved stroke or combination thereof (freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, or sidestroke) and tread water for one minute should not use the diving well unless a parent is present.

  • Diving well should not be used if the guard stand is empty.

  • No goggles, personal flotation devices, or arm floats are permitted while diving.

  • No ball toss while diving, although it is up to the discretion of the guard.

  • No running on the diving board.

  • If 15 or more participants are trying to open swim in the diving well, the diving board will be closed. (Sharks and minnows etc…) Once the game is broken up, diving will commence and the board will open back up.

  • Only one person on the diving board at one time. Divers must not linger on the boards.

  • Please notify the guard on duty if this is the diver’s first time or experience with diving. A parent must be present if that is the case.

  • Parents are not allowed in the diving well for the purpose of catching the diver.

  • Only one bounce permitted on the board and all persons must dive straight off the end of the diving board.

  • Flips, twists and other dives will be allowed at the discretion of the guards and ability of the divers.

  • The previous diver must clear the area below the board before the next diver steps onto the board.

  • Divers must swim immediately out of the diving area after surfacing.


Inclement Weather Policy

  • In the event of thunder and/or lighting all patrons and staff are to immediately be cleared from the water and surrounding area. (Anyone inside the fenced area of the pool must leave the area)

  • No one, including the staff, is to remain within the fenced perimeter of the pool.

  • Lifeguards should remind patrons to seek shelter either indoors or in their vehicles.

  • No one will be allowed back in the pool or pool area, until 30 minutes past the sounding of thunder.

  • The guards are the authority on the weather policy. Please don’t argue with them if they have asked members to clear the pool. It is a matter of safety, and the responsibility is theirs.

Swim Team Rules

  • Swim Team season typically runs from mid-May to August 1.

  • Home Meets- both pools are closed for recreational swimming during and just prior to swim meets

  • Swim Team Practice- (morning and afternoons during the season). Recreational swimmers will avoid lanes being used by swim team during practice.

  • Swim team members and families are subject to pool rules and the authority of life guards on duty.

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